Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Food For Good People

Yesterday we received our first fruit delivery along with the vegetables. Two heaping quarts of delectible, sun-warm strawberries and a bag of cherries. [What is in the picture is what remained of the cherries after Graeme got into them. They were delicious.] One of the tomatoes went immediately into the fixings for tacos last night, and the cucumber and rosemary are much appreciated additions -- I see a tabouli and some rosemary roasted potatoes in the near future. But what to do with the collards and beets? I'm drawing a blank so far.
Graeme: if you were standing on top of the north pole would your compass explode and set your face on fire?
heidi: no.
your compass would explode and your face would freeze.
duh. :)
Graeme: lol