Monday, October 6, 2008

feeling smart: it's a passion

David and I picked up the Bruiser the Smart Car on Saturday. We ended up driving in Blacksburg just as the homecoming game let out, and folks walking along the sidewalk pointed, showed their friends, waved and many gave the thumbs up.

On Sunday we went to Greenbrier National Forest and scouted out a nice cabin and camping location. David and I have reservations for Hallowe'en weekend, and I'm looking forward to them very much.

After receiving the boys, I took them on the obligatory trips around the neighborhood in the new car, zooming and talking all the way. Then we gathered round the fire ring and toasted hot dogs and marshmallows and watched the sky darken up. The weekend was one of the most satisfying, settling, restorative and connecting we've had in a long while, and I feel truly blessed with my family and my home. Honestly, is there any place better on earth than Virginia mountains in the fall?

I have a whole slew of photos to post and words to write about the recent ceremony, which was lovely and fulfilling in every way.