Monday, December 17, 2007

hearth and home

Somehow we managed to have one of those better-than-you-can-imagine weekends, even though nothing monumental happened. We went Christmas shopping. We put new tires on the back of the truck. We drank chai and held hands. I mentioned to David yesterday that if I could give only one thing to our sons, it would be that they know they have my permission to be happy, and I hope they grant themselves that permission as well. We took pizza to Barbara & Charlie's where we played bridge, talked and connected. We played and laughed and loved and talked. I had my first-ever dinner involving scallops (the boys had extra-pepperoni pie) and we all enjoyed watching Hidalgo last night. I have a powerful sense of family, self, and that i am a meaningful, something that sounds simple but is so hard to hold, especially at holiday time. Mostly, I have to thank David. He has listened patiently, talked sincerely, held my hand and together we have made a commitment to each other, to our family, and to ourselves. I'm happy and whole in ways i had never believed possible, let alone attainable.