Monday, October 29, 2007

Reading, sipping and listening

I've been buried in the Stephanie Plum series pretty heavily, and am finishing up the tenth today. In honour of halloween, I searched a few links at Library Thing for recommendations and ended up checking The Historian: A Novel out of the Salem Library. I'm looking forward to reading it, and to exploring some of the other recommendations, especially Labyrinth and The Rule of Four, also checked out from Salem. I'm glad that the bookmobile comes to the Craig library, since once I start work next week I won't have the luxury of coming over to Salem as often as I have been.

Of course, the upside is that I'll have access to the Blacksburg area libraries, but I have to confess that I am a fan of Salem and Craig.

Speaking of starting work, David and I went to Starbucks this morning together. [I got a chai latte, which is just coziness in a cup. yum.] Starbucks is doing the whole iTunes giveaway thing, and it's really sort of cool. I asked David if it would sound dippy if we went to lunch 'together' by going to a coffee shop and using the wifi to talk, and he said not at all. Well, maybe he thought it was dippy, but not prohibitavely so. I'm also looking forward to listening to the same books when we drive and getting them from audible.